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  • I started photography early in life, and started focusing on wildlife about20 years ago. "Hunting" wildlife with the camera, learning as much as I could about their habits, habitats, behavior, and any predictable actions, so I could try to be in their world without notice and preplan my outtings to be there before they show up.  This allowed for wildlife images of undisturbed and natural behavior.


  • 10 years ago, my life changed for ever, as I was diagnosed with Stargartd's Disease, which is a form of macular degeneration, slowly loosing inner eye vision. I am currently Legally Blind, and only have my peripheral vison, making photography a challenge. I can no longer see wildlife, especially small animals and birds.


  • Since I can not see wildlife and moving objects, I have transitioned my photography to stationary objects that don't move, so I can take time and anylize the scene or subject. Using visual aids to adjust camera settings, I continue my passion, as I feel you should always pursue your passions no matter what life throws at you!  You just need to adjust.
  • I am very passionate about capturing nature in an artful manner, and enjoy sitting in the woods and fields as a source of relaxation and learning more about the natural world. A world few people take the time to observe and get to know.  A world that is always consistent, yet ever changing, if that makes sense.  In this crazy world we live in, getting out in nature is the most healthy and spiritual thing a person can do.  You are truly surrounded by God, since, when you think about it, EVERYTHING else is just man made.


  • Please contact me thru email if you would like to bring the outdoors in, by purchasing  a print or other form of wall art.

    Thank you