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  • I am very passionate about capturing wildlife in an artful manner, and enjoy sitting in the woods and fields as a source of relaxation and learning more about the natural world. A world few people take the time to observe and get to know.  A world that is always consistent, yet ever changing, if that makes sense.  In this crazy world we live in, getting out in nature is the most healthy and spiritual thing a person can do.  You are truly surrounded by God, since, when you think about it, EVERYTHING else is just man made.
  • On a personal note, the practice of photography is more and more challenging being visually impaired,  The struggles of Stargarts Disease present daily obstacles and unique challenges in photography, especially when movement is involved.  You may notice few photos of flying birds within my galleries, as I just xan not see birds fly! Haha!!   I am currently putting my photographic energy into slower moving subjects like deer and turkey.  Look for future landscape work as well.
  • Please contact me thru email if you would like to bring the outdoors in, by purchasing  a print or other form of wall art.

    Thank you