Welcome to images of nature.  Photographed by Ralph Curtis.

I originally started photography seriously in 2009. I've always lived my life around the outdoors, being an avid hunter, bird watcher and observer. I started photography as a way to extend my pursuit of wildlife year-around,  outside of the autumn hunting season.
Although I still believe in the importance of wildlife management, and enjoy hunting deer and turkey in my home state of Wisconsin, I have found a new sense of enjoyment with the camera.

I feel it is important to document and film wildlife in their natural surroundings and behavior which is only exhibited in wild places, free from fences and game preserves. All my photography is done in the wild, never within fenced preserves, zoos, or game farms. I rely heavily on extreme camouflage measures to capture wildlife acting naturally with no human presence.


Mission Statement : To provide high quality images for use in both home and commercial interior decoration needs. To use high end print providers and produce long lasting canvas wall displays in my home studio/workshop. To produce product, on demand, to meet highest quality print and construction standards.


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I look at photography as a form of documentation of experiences in nature. As an opportunity to bring the beauty of the outdoors, into the indoors, to bring an atmosphere of natural beauty thru interior decor.


Years of hunting. bird watching, deer watching, and nature study have helped me acquire my biggest asset, which is knowledge of creature habits, and an ability to pre-plan and predict where and when wildlife will show up, acting natural and undisturbed.  I use extreme concealment, which helps me get close natural images of undisturbed wildlife.

I feel photography is merely painting with light, and tend to look at every possibility thru the lens from a luminosity perspective, as if each scene were made of shades of gray rather than the color my eyes perceive.

This helps to create an image thru proper exposure, maintaining shape and detail from the lightest tones thru the dark shadows. Technically, every images is comprised of shades of grays from capture thru processing until an output device, such as a monitor, interpolates these shades of gray to colors you see on the screen or photographic print.

Enjoy browsing my portfolio, and THANK YOU for stopping by Ralph Curtis Photography,